SPIRITUAL HEALING SCIENCES INDIA TRUST External Medical Chi - Kung Energy Healing Practices, Treatments, Training's & Courses for Treating Physical, Emotional & Mental imbalances, Giving Strength, Vitality & Support to immune System by Projecting Chi, without touching the Body. Ancient Yogic Teachings for Proper Breathing and Re - Activation of the Inner Ability to heal ourselves


External Medical CHI-KUNG School of Healing

External Medical CHI-KUNG School of Healing

This is a system to Balance our Energy! The goal is to increase the Entire Body’s Vitality and Life Energy.


Developing Strong Internal Chi

The Internal Medical Chi Kung School & the External Medical Chi Kung School are actually the two sides of the same coin – they are very much related & in order to become a good healer using external chi, one must have a certain amount of internal power.

The greater one's internal chi power, the greater one's capacity to absorb chi from outside the body and then use it to project & heal other persons.

There are a lot of ways that can be used to increase one's internal chi. Yogic physical exercises and breathing exercises, the Course of ‘THE PATH TO ARHATSHIP’ Techniques – of physical and breathing exercises, are very helpful in developing internal chi.

But internal chi is developed most effectively through meditation - primarily those meditations that open and activate the Crown Energy Center chakra or ‘Bai Hui’ in Chinese. The activation of the Crown Energy Center is very important.

It is highly recommended to practice regularly ‘The Planetary Meditation for Peace’, as it is the quickest and safest way to activate the Crown Energy Center or Bai Hui, which is the entry point of Tian Chi or Spiritual Energy.

When the Crown Energy is activated, it permits great quantities of Spiritual Energy to enter the body, which helps developing strong internal chi.